would like to introduce you to 7 year old Eva @evadivathebrave who is currently battling a type of Rhabdoid tumour similar to what Max had. Eva’s family recently reached out to me after picking up a leaflet in our local park cafe.
I would like to try and help Eva as much as I can, so I am asking for this wonderful community to help me by sharing Eva’s page, spreading the word and supporting her Go Fund Me page if you are able.

We are asking for assistance to help fund her Neurorehabilitation. The treatment starting is nine (9) rounds of chemotherapy as well as radiotherapy over a period of 6 months, after further surgery has been ruled out. As things have progressed with Eva’s care, a need has arisen, and I am creating this page to help ease the financial burden the family will face moving forward as Florence, her mother, and sole caregiver, has been out of work to take care of Eva.

Currently, she is having physio in the community which is 45 minutes fortnightly, whereas she requires further input to help her regain the use and control of her right limbs. She is making so many amazing improvements, and the best place to continue her miraculous recovery is a specialist paediatric Neuro rehabilitation facility.

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