My Marathon Journey Week 6….
I haven’t managed to have a long run this week, I did however manage some yoga and the ultimate leg session in the gym on Thursday… Today was supposed to be my long run but it’s raining and my legs are still sore.
Things I’ve learnt this week… Yoga is hard! My joints are SO stiff! I dislike running on a treadmill 
I’m still feeling super motivated, changing up my diet so I eat enough to keep up with the training (this is the best part) and reading a couple of books – I Can Run by Amy Lane and The Runners Cook Book by Anita Bean, both really helpful for a marathon beginner!!
Here’s a photo of my little man, my motivation to keep pushing, to keep fundraising. He should be here, I hope he is proud. 

If you’d like to sponsor me and my marathon journey you can donate here:

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