We are going to leave things as they are right now. Becoming a registered charity takes a lot of work and there are a lot of rules and regulations to follow. I have made the decision that this is not right for the Max The Brave Fund. We love all that we do right now and it wouldn’t feel right to put any pressure on that. As it stands nothing changes and we will continue to do the work that we are doing. I don’t feel that at this moment in time I have the time to dedicate to the running of a full time charity. I will be going back to paid work in the coming months and of course raising a Robyn as well. I don’t feel that I would do Max the justice that he deserves whilst trying to juggle everything else as well. We still have our named funds with GOSH, SSCH and GKCCT which will always remain open.

Thank you for your support, long may it continue. Peace and love Suzie. X

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