For Max’s 3rd birthday (29th August) we will be gifting the in-patient oncology wards at Great Ormond Street Hospital with some toys and some special care packages for the parents/carers. Having lived in a hospital with a very poorly child I know just how important it is to show our love to these families. It’s a very dark lonely place isolated in a hospital room so a small act of kindness can really make a difference.

**We will be delivering these mid August once I have confirmed a date.There are 30 rooms across 3 wards at G.O.S.H, the rooms are often full and when one child is discharged another is admitted**.

There are 76 different types of cancer found in children with around 4,500 being diagnosed each year (information from Children with Cancer UK), cancer treatment for children can go on for many years. We will always need to show these families the support they deserve.

Along side our acts of kindness we are also helping to fund a research project “creating superpowered immune cells to treat childhood tumours” you can donate to these causes via this website.

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