We Are Getting Registered!!! 🤲🏻

After a lot of hard work and raising nearly £70k last year through the pandemic for other charities, I have made the scary but extremely exciting decision to register the Max The Brave Fund as a charity. – registration is in progress. “My aim is to look after children in the community (Epsom and St Helier Hospitals) and Great Ormond Street hospital (where my heart lies) and their families when they have extensive or reoccurring stays in hospital.

I aim to provide care packages for those unexpected, traumatic admissions, financial help when parents have to take time off work, dream days out after a long slog in hospital, birthday parties so children can celebrate during their hospital stays – I find this particularly important as we know how hard it can be to make even a first birthday, and sadly but importantly final wish trips. I have made this decision as I want to personally see what a difference our fundraising is making, so I can report back to you guys what joy we are spreading through difficult times, so I can personally help other parents as a shoulder to cry on, so I can give a little love into the local community. I want to spread awareness of how difficult it can be having poorly children in hospital.”

We need your help now more than ever before. Donations can be made via the website maxthebravefund.org until we can set up a just giving charity page. Please bare the Max The Brave Fund in mind when you hold your next fundraising event. Bake offs, coffee mornings, fun days, sports days, sponsored walks, runs, skips, jumps. The list is endless. Thank you as always for your support.

Suzie and the Max The Brave Team. 💙

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