Back to Happy….. I had some lovely messages about my “Hope for Happiness” post a couple weeks ago so I wanted to write a little about grief.

Time is not a healer but time will make you stronger, grief cannot be rushed and grief will always be there, BUT you can get back to happy.

Grief is personal and unique to every individual. Losing Max caused me so many physical symptoms I thought that I was dying of an undetected illness…. Or perhaps a broken heart. 💔 I suffered dizziness and panic attacks for months, the fear and anxiety was intense, cinematic visions would haunt me every day.

When going through a trauma our bodies run on autopilot, we just go through the motions absorbing just what we need to tick by. Once that trauma is over our subconscious mind likes to bring these images to the surface so we can deal with them and move on. This is a process. We have to deal with these feelings and emotions to enable us to move on. The pain will always remain the same but in time life will grow around the pain and love can cuddle that big hole in your heart.

I have been very open and vocal about my grief. We need to let that sh*t out! If you don’t want to publicly put it out there journalling is a great way to get those emotions out.

My heart shatters when I see families going through what we went through, I will always respond to messages and answer questions in the hope that I can help in some way. 🙏🏼

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