Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful humans. Being a Mum is one of the toughest jobs in the world so a special hats off to all my Mum friends with poorly children, you are warriors.

This picture is the last photo I have my myself and Max together, we’d just arrived at the hospice ready for his end of life care. I’m not sure why I took the photo, I’d not slept for weeks and Max is obviously terribly poorly, but now when I look at it I am glad to have it. I was strangely happy that little Max’s journey was finishing, he had suffered more than anyone deserves, he was worn out and his little body couldn’t take anymore. His soul left just after this picture when he was highly sedated on pain medication.

We said good night forever a couple of days later. I will continue to be your Mummy little fella, near or far I am yours. x

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