We are getting ready for Max’s birthday gift to GOSH.

Thank you so much for making it possible for us to give so generously to those in need. The donations are flying in so as they do more goodies are on offer. So far we have been able to gift the Oncology Wards at G.O.S.H with some of Max’s favourite toys that he loved as a baby including lots of boxes of toy eggs as these were a comfort blanket to him. We have also decided to give a cash gift to the parents or carers of the Little Warriors as life on the wards can be hard without the added worry of paying for things, in a lot of cases parents have to give up work so they can stay with their child.

We are also in the process of organising some special treats from the Nurses and Health Care Assistants such as pocket pens, luxury hand creams and tasty treats.

If you would like to contribute please:

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